The “Think First” (SHIP) program is a mandatory course for those looking to have their driver’s license reinstated. The four hour program is designed to educate you on:

  • How alcohol & drugs affect the body.
  • The laws about alcohol and drugs, and driving.
  • Ways to avoid becoming impaired.
  • Where to go if you need further help or more information.

The course consists of group discussions, lectures, and video presentations. You must pre-register for this program by submitting your registration form and the course fee to SafetyNL (see address below).

We do not accept personal cheques. Payment can be made by VISA or Mastercard through the website, for etransfer information please contact the office. Upon receipt of your course fee, a confirmation of registration will be forwarded to you.

Notification will be forwarded to Motor Vehicle Registration Division for processing upon completion of this course.

Register online or contact us directly.

SafetyNL does not have access to your driving record.  We offer the four hour Think First SHIP program.

If you are not sure which one you are required to complete, PRIOR TO REGISTRATION please visit the Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) office nearest you or call their Teleservice at 1-877-636-6867 or 709-729-0345.  Or you can email them at .  Absolutely No Refunds if you register/attend the Think First SHIP Program and later learn that it does not meet the requirements set out by MVR.

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