Safety NL provides the ONLY nationally recognized motorcycle training program in the province.  The Canada Safety Council Gearing Up program is a comprehensive and safety-oriented training program that provides the highest quality training by seasoned professionals.  We provide a variety of motorcycle models.  You need only bring your riding gear and your enthusiasm.

Gearing Up

Gearing Up is a learn to ride program for beginners.  We offer courses in Mount Pearl and Stephenville with other locations to be confirmed in 2024. Our instructors are highly experienced riders and qualified trainers in motorcycle safety and are all graduates of the National Gearing Up Motorcycle Course and Canada Safety Council’s training for instructors.

Our Course is an enhanced course which has the following features:

  • Focus on safety and survival techniques in today’s traffic environments and riding conditions
  • 18-21 hours of instruction of which 15% is in the classroom. The remainder of the time is based on interactive lessons, on-bike practice & demos.
  • Large self-contained training areas that are set up to simulate an urban environment with street layouts, traffic signs and lanes, crosswalks and contoured surfaces.
  • SafetyNL provides a large selection of up to date well-maintained motorcycles suited to every student’s needs.
  • Well-paced instruction/demo format which enhances the learning environment. Plenty of space and time on the bike for practice exercises and skills improvement.
  • For those who do not successfully complete the course the first time, two hours can be made available for additional practice, at no additional charge. Private lessons “one on one” with an instructor are also available at a rate of $90.00 (no tax) per hour. When you feel you are prepared to repeat your final course evaluation simply contact the office and have it scheduled for the next available evaluation date.
  • When students have obtained a learner’s permit, and need “on-street” practice towards their motorcycle rider Class 6 license upgrade, private lessons are available with an instructor at a cost of $90.00 (no tax) per hour using SafetyNL bikes.
  • Schedule your 2023 Class today!  Classes for 2023 are now available online via the “I’m Ready to Learn” link below.


We provide the motorcycles, you need to bring:

  • Helmet that is not more than five years old. It can be full face, ¾ or “shorty” and must be DOT, BSI, ECE, or SNELL approved.
  • Leather boots which provide ankle coverage with flat soles and low rise heels.
  • Leather or other textile full fingered motorcycle gloves.
  • Motorcycle jacket (leather or textile) with armour in elbows, shoulder, and back.
  • Eye protection (helmet visor, sunglasses, or safety glasses).
  • Jeans, protective leather, or textile riding pants
  • Rain gear is recommended


Motorcycle Advanced Rider Course

This course is designed to help more experienced riders improve their skills and safely operate their motorcycles.  The course is a half day in length and includes exercises that improve the rider’s control at lower speeds, maneuvering around parking lots, and emergency maneuvers like braking and swerving.

To get the most out of this course, you use your own motorcycle.  The drills are progressive, so don’t worry about dropping your bike.  You progress at your own pace.  You need to bring and wear all the appropriate safety gear and also bring your license and insurance.

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