TRAILERING (Trailer Capacity above 4500 Kg)

This course is intended to provide comprehensive information on the requirements and best practices of towing a trailer with a capacity above 4500 Kilograms.

Whether towing a light boat or camping trailer behind a car, a vacation trailer behind your motorhome or a trailer to haul equipment or products, it is critical to balance the load and prepare the trailer and tow vehicle. This course will introduce participants to common problems and their resolutions.

For the experienced driver, it is an opportunity to review and improve existing knowledge and skills; for novice drivers, this material provides fundamental knowledge and understanding of what to expect while trailering.

The driver is ultimately responsible for the safety of the unit and load, and how to appropriately apply the knowledge from the course to their unique equipment setup to safely tow a trailer.

This course is delivered through a combination of in-class theory and practical instruction using trailers with sufficient load capacity to demonstrate the classroom components in addition to actual trailering exercises.

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