For over 70 years, Safety NL has been a leader in safe driver education.  We provide comprehensive training for beginners which consists of 25 hours of in-class and/or online instruction with 10.5 hours of in-car instruction, which includes your road test time. We teach safety first, and while we are at it, you get your driver’s licence.

Private lessons are available. We provide pick-up and drop-off service for the in-car instruction (certain conditions apply).

In the Metro St. John’s Region, we also provide in-car instruction in Ukrainian, Polish and Russian.

  • Our program qualifies for applicable insurance discounts.
  • As a not-for profit organization, we do not charge tax on our services.
  • Pick up and Drop Off service is available for students who are within 25 kms of the regional office.
  • Students are assigned to an instructor at the end of their in-class training and book their appointments directly through them.
  • We have one of the shortest wait times for in-car lessons. The first lesson usually begins within 2 weeks.
  • Students can request their preferred instructor.
  • Students use our car for the road test and we arrange the date and time.
  • Additional lessons can be purchased if necessary.
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